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South-America 2018


In 2015, major oil discoveries were made offshore Guyana. Those discoveries offer the potential to help Guyana build infrastructure, develop previously non-existent local industries and

Colombia 2017


TMF group provides (local) financial and administrative support to companies of all sizes in more than 80 countries. IRP Delft is asked to develop a

Asia Pacific 2013


Fugro collects, processes and interprets data related to the earth’s surface and the soils and rocks beneath and provides advice based on the results to

South America 2012


Water knowledge institute Deltares wants to expand their business in South America. Since the mining industry is still rapidly growing in Chile and Peru, IRP

South-East Asia 2011

Witteveen & Bos

The research conducted for Witteveen + Bos was about solid Waste disposal in Banger Pilot Polder. Due to floods and no waste treatment system, entire

East-Asia 2010

Pilgrims Consult

Pilgrims Consult asked one of IRPdelft’s teams to travel to far East: China, Shanghai. The team had the objective to investigate the end consumer behaviour