About us

A non-profit organisation since 2006

What we do

International Research Projects Delft (IRP Delft)  is a non-profit organization run by 20 enthusiastic and carefully selected Master of Science students from Delft University of Technology. Because of their different backgrounds and fields of study IRP Delft offers a multidisciplinary team of highly motivated and talented students. Furthermore, IRP Delft can provide your company a fresh and unbiased look at company specific research cases.

IRP Delft offers custom-made research solutions for organizations of all sizes. The research topic is determined in close collaboration with your company. After the preparatory phase, a multidisciplinary team of four students will perform field research in a specified country.

Our approach

Our values


High quality

All of the participating students have a great deal of theoretical and practical knowledge. Every student is in the final phase of his or her studies, and is working towards a Master’s degree. Beside this theoretical knowledge, the students have extensive practical experience from participation in internships, projects and committees of all kinds of organizations.



IRP Delft is a non-profit organization that is focused on the personal development of its members. The main goal of the team is to broaden its horizons by adding value to the current state of your company. In return, the students gain valuable experience and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills. To make the research possible, assets have to be attended. The main part will be taken at the expenses of the companies involved. Dependent on the duration, location and the manpower a price to measure will be made. International Research Projects Delft is a foundation and does not aim to make a profit.


Extensive Knowledge

At Delft University of Technology, students have extensive knowledge in a wide array of technological areas. Therefore, IRP Delft offers the unique opportunity to combine market research and development with scientific knowledge. In the previous years of IRP Delft, student teams have carried out successful projects for companies within a wide range of sectors. References of the completed projects can be made available on request.