• Destination 2019: India!

    The 2019 IRP team will steer to acquire research projects in India! This country is the fastest growing economy in the world!. Large industries include: chemicals, mining, petroleum, textiles, software and food processing.

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International Research Projects Delft (IRPdelft) is a foundation that provides you with a challenging international and educational experience.

This year a team of 20 master students from the Delft University of Technology will shortlist 5 multinationals each offering an innovative and challenging business project in emerging markets around the world. Over the summer holiday five IRP teams, consisting of four students each, will execute the research project.This year’s location will be India.

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The multidisciplinary IRPdelft team is capable of investigating a wide range of challenges. We are focused on providing your organization with realistic, refreshing and valuable solutions. For some concrete examples of possible IRPdelft projects, refer to the projects section below. There you will find information on IRPdelft projects that have been completed in previous years.

In addition to our website we have a factsheet, which summarizes IRPdelft. For more detailed information please take a look at our brochure. Both documents can be downloaded below.
Please feel free to contact us at any time in case you have questions.

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The International Research Projects Delft (IRPdelft)  is a non-profit organization run by 20 enthusiastic and selected Master of Science students from Delft University of Technology. Because of their different backgrounds and fields of study IRPdelft offers a multidisciplinary team of highly motivated and talented students. Furthermore, IRPdelft can provide your company a fresh and unbiased look at company specific research cases.

IRPdelft offers custom-made research solutions for organizations of all sizes. The research topic is determined in close collaboration with your company. After the preparatory phase, a multidisciplinary team of four students will perform a field research in a specified country. Below, an overview is given on our approach to the International Research Projects.

  • High quality research conducted by students with state-of-the-art academic knowledge.
  • Cooperation with Delft University of Technology professors before and during the research project.
  • Confidential and tailor-made research based on your proposal.
  • A fresh look at research topics by innovative students.
  • Projects carried out on a non-profit basis, backed by the IRPdelft Foundation.

High Quality

Based on the agreement established between IRPdelft and Delft University of Technology, the foundation has access to scientific information and extensive research experience. Professors and PhD students who have already earned their wings in research will accompany the project. Also, several partner companies are providing the team with additional training and information. All of the participating students have a great deal of theoretical and practical knowledge. Every student is in the final phase of his or her studies, and is working towards a Master’s degree. Beside this theoretical knowledge, the students have extensive practical experience from participation in internships, projects and committees of all kinds of organizations.


IRPdelft is a non-profit organization that is focused on the personal development of its members. The main goal of the team is to broaden its horizons by adding value to the current state of your company. In return, the students gain valuable experience and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills. To make the research possible, assets have to be attended. The main part will be taken at the expenses of the companies involved. Dependent on the duration, location and the manpower a price to measure will be made. International Research Projects Delft is a foundation and does not aim to make a profit.

Extensive Knowledge

At Delft University of Technology, students have extensive knowledge in a wide array of technological areas. Therefore, IRPdelft offers the unique opportunity to combine market research and development with scientific knowledge. In the previous years of IRPdelft, student teams have carried out successful projects for companies within a wide range of sectors. References of the completed projects can be made available on request.

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In 2015, major oil discoveries were made offshore Guyana. Those discoveries offer the potential to help Guyana build infrastructure, develop previously non-existent local industries and improve prosperity. Considering the developments, Fugro expects that there will be significant potential for its geo-intelligence and asset integrity services. To this end, Fugro asked IRPdelft to develop a 10 year business strategy for Fugro in Guyana. Here you can find the project poster.

TomTom is a Big Data Company producing digital maps and location based services for a broad range of uses. Building high-quality digital maps requires collaboration to ensure the best source data. The IRPdelft team is asked to explore the opportunities for TomTom to engage in partnerships with public institutions, in order to source data from them that can be used to expand or update the TomTom maps database. There are three objectives during this research; finding the right partner, identifying their needs, and valuating the deal in order to create a sustainable relationship for both parties. More information can be found at the project poster
Philips Healthcare

Philips Healthcare is active in the market for medical equipment. A market where service is highly important, since it is all about human healthcare. As part of the global transition to a more service-oriented strategy, a team of IRPdelft was asked to perform a Customer Journey Mapping in Argentina. Next to investigating the entire customer experience – from marketing to installation, to service and renewal – the project also included workshops for the office to kick-start the change. Download the project poster
VARO Energy

VARO is an integrated oil refiner and supplier serving North West Europe. Given EU policy legislation on sustainability for road transportation, IRPdelft was asked to investigate opportunities to meet future criteria by increased biodiesel blending. To this end the project team investigated the biodiesel market in Argentina including future capabilities to produce biodiesel from waste streams. Based on the research the team advised VARO on opportunities and challenges regarding the Argentinian market. To learn more about this project, please see the project poster .




TMF group provides (local) financial and administrative support to companies of all sizes in more than 80 countries. IRPdelft is asked to develop a set of tools by which TMF group Bogota and Costa Rica can measure the workload of their employees to have a better future-proof planning. The other tool is a financial key performance indicator dashboard to check on a team-level how they are performing. More information can be found at the project poster.

Makro Colombia is a cash-and-carry wholesaler that sells high volumes of food and non-food products to professional retailers, the hospitality industry and other institutional customers. As part of the development of a revised supply-chain, including a newly developed cross-docking center, a team of IRPdelft is working on designing the flow of information between Makro Head Office, Makro stores, suppliers and a third-party logistics. Download here the project poster.
Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell is a British-Dutch multinational energy provider, that has big upstream and downstream assets in the oil and gas industry throughout the world and is also currently exploring renewable energy sources. The IRPdelft is asked to do a pre-feasibility study on an utility scale renewable energy project in Trindad and Tobago, and to identify the opportunities for renewable energy in the gas driven energy landscape of the country. To learn more about this project, please see the project poster.

DHL Supply Chain is a worldwide logistics company. DHL asked IRPdelft to investigate the Colombian health care sector in order to get to know the key challenges that the hospitals are facing with regard to their internal logistics and the procurement of medicines and medical supplies. Based on the results the team gave an advise on whether DHL should enter this market. Take a look at the project poster for the results.

Oceanus International is an engineering company, providing solutions for coastal erosion and flood control to governments, the tourism industry and environmental institutions. They operate internationally, are specialized in the project management and have a strong local network. IRPdelft is asked to help Oceanus with their strategy to grow and expand in the South American continent and the Caribbean. Download the project poster for more information.


Asia Pacific


The Coca-Cola Company is one of the world’s largest multinational beverage corporations. For Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines, one of the company’s bottlers, IRPdelft will perform a durability study with the goal of maximising the lifetime of the famous contour shaped returnable glass Coca-Cola bottle. Do you want to know more about the Coca-Cola project? Download the Project Poster

Deerns’ International Airport Practice delivers world class engineering design for the globe’s most renowned airports. The developments in the Indonesian economy have led Deerns to ask IRPdelft to investigate the local airport market and strategically advise key decision makers on a future course of action in Indonesia. Download the  Project Poster for more information.
Philips Healthcare

In 2015, Philips opened a local office in Yangon, providing Personal Health and Health systems in Myanmar. IRPdelft investigates what it takes Philips to develop a primary care business in Myanmar in a profitable and sustainable way in the next 5 years. The project focuses on the Community Life Center concept as developed by Philips. Do you want to get to know the project more in detail? Download the Project Poster

Royal Vopak is the world’s leading independent tank storage company. Liquified Natural Gas is one of the product stored in Vopak tanks around the world. As part of the Indonesian government’s plan to increase the energy supply to its many islands, a team of IRPdelft will perform a market study and an economic analysis on the LNG demand to provide Vopak with a strategic advice on how to optimise their LNG infrastructure in Indonesia. Download the Project Poster for more information.

Royal Wagenborg is a Dutch based international company, specialised in international transport by road and by water. Over more than a century, Royal Wagenborg has become an all-round logistics partner that offers logistics solutions for the most complex situations. Royal Wagenborg wants to explore the potential of the Indonesian market. The IRPdelt team performs a market research for Royal Wagenborg in south-east Asia. The research focusses on the offshore and shipping market. Download the Project Poster to see the results of the research in more detail.



Philips Healthcare

For one of the modalities of Philips Healthcare, IRPdelft performed an in-depth supply chain optimization. For this purpose the IRPdelft team followed the supply chain from The Netherlands to Sao Paulo to the assembly factory in Lagoa Santa and to the end-customer.
Damen Shipyards

A team of IRPdelft performed a multidisciplinary market research study for Damen Shipyards Ferry Services in the Caribbean to investigate the current market demand and deliver a strategic marketing advice to enlarge future business opportunities in the region.
BAM International

BAM International is a subsidiary of Royal BAM Group, one of Europe’s largest contracting companies. BAM International wants to expand its business of contracting and engineering in Latin America. The IRPdelft team performed a market research for BAM International in Peru. The focus of the research was on the opportunities in the marine infrastructure market, which is one of the main areas of expertise of BAM International.

Unilever is one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. Among its competitors it has the strongest presence in emerging economies where the Brazilian organization is one of the company’s largest assets. In the Brazil Home Care business, the IRPdelft team performed a supply chain optimization study to identify key areas of potential sustainable cost reductions.

Heineken is the largest brewer in Europe and one of the largest brewers in the world by volume. The IRPdelft team conducted an in-depth research for Heineken Brazil focusing on supply chain optimization.


Central America


Stork offers specialist services across all areas of management and maintenance in the oil & gas industry. Due to the energy reforms that took place in Mexico opportunities for Dutch oil & gas contractors are arising, onshore as well as offshore. After an initial two weeks desk research the IRPdelft team conducted a market research for Stork in Mexico in order to get acquainted with the current market structure and investigate the potential future business opportunities.

For the offshore division of Royal Wagenborg, a team of four of our students performed an investigation for a possible entry with their vessels and project expertise in the Mexican market. One of these vessels is the new developed “walk to work” concept which is used as maintenance support and supply vessel.

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) is a world leading contractor in the international offshore oil and gas industry. There are some promising expectations about the growth of this industry in Suriname and the Guyana’s, because of a large basin in front of the coast of these three countries. Therefore IRPdelft conducted a market research study for HMC in this area, in order to investigate the potential future business opportunities.
Ballast Nedam

Ballast Nedam is a Dutch construction and engineering company, active in the areas of housing, mobility, energy and nature. Within these areas of work, Ballast Nedam focusses on major integrated complex projects and related activities in niche markets. IRPdelft performed a market research for Ballast Nedam International in Guyana. In this research the focus was on the opportunities in the infrastructure market of Guyana that can be related to the core activities and strengths of Ballast Nedam.

Within its broad portfolio Damen Shipyards is, among other vessel types, specialized in the manufacturing of several types of dredgers. Damen dredgers could be of great value for Mexican industry. An IRPdelft team performed a market research to gain better insight in the Mexican dredging market.



SP Brewery

SP Brewery has grown to be the leading brewery of Papua New Guinea and is part of the Heineken Company. In a global push by Heineken to become more sustainable the SP Brewery has set its goal on using more locally grown ingredients for its beer. The IRP team helped SP Brewery with achieving this goal by performing a feasibility study for a local starch production project.

Fugro collects, processes and interprets data related to the earth’s surface and the soils and rocks beneath and provides advice based on the results to clients in many sectors. IRPdelft performed market research in the South East Asia region for this company. The first two weeks the team was based at the Dutch headquarter, after which they will conduct their in-depth research in Singapore for the following five weeks.

Petrofac, a leading provider of oilfield services, owns several floating production, storage and offload (FPSO) vessels. These ships, which are designed to process and store oil at offshore oil fields, are currently forced to flare (burn) the associated gas, which comes as a part of the crude oil extracted from the field. IRPdelft investigated whether it is possible to turn this liability in economic value by conducting a technical and financial feasibility study on the application of a technology on the FPSO that converts the gas into synthetic oil.

Philips, an international engineering and electronics corporation, is aiming to make innovation accessible for over 3 billion people around the world. To contribute to this goal, IRPdelft analyzed the full production process of the Philips dry iron, produced on the Indonesian island Batam. IRPdelft indicated inefficiencies in the supply chain and present cost reduction solutions, in order to optimize the supply chain to ASEAN countries.

Allseas, a global leader in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction, has Huisman placing a crane on their ship the Solitaire in Xiamen, China. While the Solitair is stationed there, other construction and maintenance work has to be performed as well. IRPdelft was assigned with finding and assessing possible Chinese and South Korean contractors for this job.


South America


Airport technology and datacenter installation specialist Deerns wants to obtain a larger market share in Brazil. IRPdelft had the assignment to find a suitable company for collaboration. A big advantage (and requirement) for Deerns was that a local partner has extensive knowledge of the local law system concerning foreign companies.

Water knowledge institute Deltares wants to expand their business in South America. Since the mining industry is still rapidly growing in Chile and Peru, IRPdelft has investigated Deltares’ knowledge demand in these countries. 


IRPdelft conducted research for Damen Marine Components (DMC) in the Rio De Janeiro area. DMC was considering to open a production facility in this area, whether this was feasible was the topic of IRPdelft’s research. 


IRPdelft investigated different market segments in which integrated heavy lifting and transportation specialist Mammoet is active and has determined in which projects Mammoet should be involved. Next to that a strategy for expansion in Brazil was outlined. 


South-East Asia


The Bluewater assignment was a feasibility study towards implementation of Bluetec in East Asia. Appropriate sites were identified in India & Indonesia. After that, the regulatory environment for implementation of Bluetec was investigated.

For Damen Shipyards, an exploratory mission on Indonesian & Philippine shipyard industry was conducted. A list of interesting shipyards based on multiple criteria was delivered. 
Witteveen & Bos

The research conducted for Witteveen + Bos was about solid Waste disposal in Banger Pilot Polder. Due to floods and no waste treatment system, entire villages have rivers of waste running through them. IRPdelft searched for the core of the problem. 

An evaluation of Chinese universities that perform automotive related research was done for the automotive department of the Swedish SKF. Possibilities for cooperation between the company and the universities was explored.
IHC Merwede

As a follow-up to the 2010 assignment for IHC Merwede, IRPdelft conducted a feasibility study on expanding the IHC shipbuilding business with a low cost yard facility in South-East Asia. 


East Asia

IHC Merwede

IRPdelft, respresented by a group of four students, has assisted the Business Development department of IHC Merwede to explore and define an expansion strategy to South-East Asia. Local interviews and site visits were conducted to gain inside information on the local shipbuilding industry. The results of this exploratory research were used to define a follow-up project that was conducted in 2011. 
EVD International

IRPdelft researched, commissioned by the EVD, the maritime and offshore activities mainly on the east coast of India. In addition they looked at the possibilities for collaboration between the TUDelft and the Indian Maritime University.


In order to capture the growth in the rail market in China, people from IRPdelft were sent to the KEMA representative office in Shanghai to investigate the market, map the possibilities and recommend next steps to introduce services in China.

Pilgrims Consult

Pilgrims Consult asked one of IRPdelft’s teams to travel to far East: China, Shanghai. The team had the objective to investigate the end consumer behaviour and emerging trends of sustainable, energy saving consumer products in China and particular Shanghai; both from a cultural and a technical perspective.


NGI, a Research centre connected to the Delft University of Technology, had been asked by the Longgang government to write a master plan for the Pingdi Eco-city. Information concerning the Pingdi area was required, so the IRPdelft students were asked to map this area. Furthermore NGI was interested in case studies relating to governance and business models used in large scale area developments such as Suzhou Industrial Park and the Tianjin Eco-city.


Argentina & Brazil


Exmar NV owns several regasification plants in Argentina. IRPdelft conducted market research on possibilities for a LNG regasification ship off the Argentinian coastline. 

IRPdelft was asked to analyze the commercial feasibility for E.On to import biomass from Brazil to a Rotterdam based coal-fired electrical plant. 

Following the new developments in biomass in Brazil, IRPdelft conducted optimization studies for a Circulating Fluidized Bed gasifier design. 
Ballast Nedam

Ballast Nedam NV is a leading manufacturer of offshore wind energy parks. IRPdelft explored the commercial feasibility of Argentina as a future market for offshore wind energy. 

For Strukton, the IRPdelft team conducted a market analysis of the railway infrastructure and commercial possibilities in Argentina. 




By means of investigating the local governments and culture, Strukton Railinfra wanted to obtain insight in where and how a new business unit should be started in India. This business unit should close the gap between their contractors in India and the headquarters.

IRPdelft has been working on a project for sustainable rural transport in India for the research institute TERI, similar to the dutch TNO. Knowledge resources both from TNO and TERI could be well used to identify the preconditions for a fluent rural transport system. 

For Eurailscout, IRPdelft conducted research in the field of railtrack maintenance. India has a lot of railway and has large growth figures. The possibilities to implement Eurailscout’s services in the Indian Railways were investigated. 

The main question of our research project was where and how Allseas could start up an engineering office in India. In the beginning of July we started on the Preliminary Research at the office of Allseas in Delft. During the Field Research in July and August we visited three cities: Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.


"The hosting of International Research Projects Delft creates a venue forcultural exchange wherein Dutch students are exposed to the corporate culture and capabilities of the Philippines while enterprises benefit from their insights on new ways to do business."

Marion DerckxDutch Ambassador to the Philippines

"IRPdelft stands for a group of highly qualified post-graduate students from Delft University of Technology. They assist Dutch and Indonesian companies with technical analysis, feasibility studies, operations research etc. For companies as well as students this creates a win-win situation; companies  receive sound advice, students gain valuable experience."

Rob SwartbolDutch Ambassador to Indonesia

"An inspired IRP team was of great assistance to us in preparing an entry into a new market. We are now building on the foundations they were able to lay down for us!"

Jan Karel MakCEO of Deerns Group

“IRPdelft is a good and easy way of acquiring fresh thoughts and insights”

Ir. Jaap GellingDirector at Damen Shipyards

"International Research Projects Delft can help you develop your business, with studies ranging from supply chain optimization, market research to technical feasibility studies. IRPdelft has demonstrated an ability to identify market opportunities and to give a clear picture of the obstacles and procedures. I highly recommend the work of the talented students of IRPdelft."

Han PetersDutch Ambassador to Brazil

"Large scale energy projects do not only involve technical questions, but also have significant commercial and social implications. International Research Projects Delft and its energetic and enthusiastic students can help companies with all these aspects. At the same time, companies such as Shell can offer these students valuable business experience."

Marjan van LoonPresident-Director Shell Netherlands

Board of Recommendation

Prof.dr.ir. T.H.J.J. van der Hagen
President of the Executive Board of the TU Delft

Prof.dr. Rob F. Mudde
Rector Magnificus TU Delft

Drs. MBA Nicoly Vermeulen
Vice-President for Education & Operations of the TU Delft

Prof. dr. ir. P.A. Wieringa
Vice-Rector Delft UT

Drs. D.J. van den Berg
Former President of the Executive Board of the TU Delft

Prof. dr. ir. A.H.M. Verkooijen
Professor of Power Engineering at Process & Energy Department

Ms. M. van Loon
President Director Shell Netherlands

Dr. P.A.M. Berdowski
CEO Royal Boskalis Westminster NV

Ir. E.P. Heerema
President Allseas Group S.A.

Ir. J.K. Mak
CEO Deerns Groep BV

Mr. A. Jacobi
Dutch Ambassador to the State of Japan

J.H.A.S. Biesheuvel
Former Chairman Royal Society MKB-Nederlan

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Anna Filippi

Strategic Product Design

Lieke Kroese

Construction Management and Engineering

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Space Flight

Joel Kuyper

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Jesse D’Haens

Sustainable Energy Technology

Geart van Dam

Aerospace Engineering

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Applied Physics

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Applied Mathematics

Freek Swart

Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management

Joost van Berckel

Engineering and Policy Analysis

Stijn Elderenbosch

Systems and Control Engineering

Team 2016


Aïsha Lemsom

Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics

Bart van der Lee

Aerospace Structures and Materials

Bouke Hylkema

Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management

Erik IJzermans

Air Transport and Aerospace Operations

Ernst de Groot

Construction Management and Engineering

Harm Houwink

Structural Engineering

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Applied Physics

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Biomedical Engineering

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Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics

Willem Roos

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Myrthe Gillis

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Noud Wijtenburg

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Chemical Engineering

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Offshore & Dredging Engineering

Rozemarijn Rischen


Tyrtza Hogewoning

Strategic Product Design & Econometrics

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Amy Klein

Anna van der Togt

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Michiel Mudde

Pascal Smulders

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Johan van der Poel

Emma van der Veen

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Florine Segers

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Thijs Willems

Coen Makker

Jurrien Cramer

Peter Damen

Michiel van Arkel

Tom Leeftink

Rik Wessels

Marc Broens

Yannick Maltha

Team 2019

Kasper IJzermans

Kasper IJzermans

Sustainable Energy Technology
Sophie van Riel

Sophie van Riel

Andrea Ciovati

Andrea Ciovati

Management of Technology
Coen Roorda

Coen Roorda

Strategic Product Design
Natalie Brik

Natalie Brik

Strategic Product Design
Charles de Beus

Charles de Beus

Applied Earth Sciences
Johan van den Heuvel

Johan van den Heuvel

Strategic Product Design
Eva Houbiers

Eva Houbiers

Hydraulic Engineering
Michiel Hickey

Michiel Hickey

Chemical Engineering
Marissa Moultak

Marissa Moultak

Complex Systems Engineering and Management
Matthijs Kan

Matthijs Kan

Biomedical Engineering
Charlotte Hoekstra

Charlotte Hoekstra

Strategic Product Design
David Kamp

David Kamp

Applied Physics
Meyke Nering Bögel

Meyke Nering Bögel

Engineering and Policy Analysis
Mees Hoff

Mees Hoff

Engineering and Policy Analysis
Freija Rozendaal

Freija Rozendaal

Anthony van der Pluijm

Anthony van der Pluijm

Aerospace Engineering | Control and Simulation
Anne-Marie de Jong

Anne-Marie de Jong

Complex Systems Engineering and Management
Ties Diercks

Ties Diercks

Aerospace Engineering
Soraya van Beek

Soraya van Beek

Environmental Engineering


We hope we have triggered your interest in IRPdelft. The selected master students are highly motivated to conduct a project for your company on a non-profit basis. If you have any questions, or if you would like additional information, please feel free to contact us via the form below or direct your questions to the board of IRPdelft:

David Kamp – President

Michiel Hickey– Treasurer

Johan van den Heuvel – Internal affairs

Freija Rozendaal – External affairs