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Strategy Development

Identifying strategic options, selecting the most promising and deciding how resources will be allocated across the organisation to achieve objectives.

Market research

The viability of a new service or product will be determined through research conducted on and off site. 

Feasibility Study

The technological, practical and financial feasibility will be assessed whether a project or product will be a success or failure.

Supply chain optimization

The best use of technology and resources like blockchain, AI and IoT will be used to improve sustainability, efficiency and performance in a supply network.

Tool Development

Dashboards or a cockpit will be created in order to monitor a certain process of business carefully to gain better insights.

Our Clients

What we do

International Research Projects Delft (IRP Delft) is a non-profit organization run by 20 enthusiastic and carefully selected Master of Science students from Delft University of Technology.

IRP Delft can provide your company a fresh and unbiased look at company specific research cases and offers custom-made research solutions. The IRP project lasts from June until September, of which July and August consist of field research in a specified country.

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