Category: East-Asia 2010


NGI, a Research centre connected to the Delft University of Technology, had been asked by the Longgang government to write a master plan for the

Pilgrims Consult

Pilgrims Consult asked one of IRPdelft’s teams to travel to far East: China, Shanghai. The team had the objective to investigate the end consumer behaviour


In order to capture the growth in the rail market in China, people from IRP Delft were sent to the KEMA representative office in Shanghai

EVD International

IRP Delft researched, commissioned by the EVD, the maritime and offshore activities mainly on the east coast of India. In addition they looked at the

IHC Merwede

IRP Delft, respresented by a group of four students, has assisted the Business Development department of IHC Merwede to explore and define an expansion strategy