The Nordics

Innovative countries with high potential for new business

This year IRP’s destination is the Nordics! The Nordics consists of Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and thus offers IRP a wide country-scope to find and conduct projects. Furthermore, there is a stable investment climate in these countries and the industries are high-tech and focussing on sustainability. Good business relations between the Netherlands and Nordics countries are present. Finally, due to the COVID situation, a destination within Europe ensures a high probability of the projects being conducted on location.

Because the countries are situated close, many similarities between the Netherlands and the Nordics are present in the business culture. However, there are also many differences, ensuring this summer creates valuable international work experience for the team. Nordic culture values open and direct communication. Decision making is based on consensus where it is important that all aspects are analysed. Finally, a strict partition between work and private life is present. 

industry Trends in the Nordics


Electrification & decarbonisation

The Nordic states are committed to be carbon neutral by 2050 and electricity prices are decreasing due to new renewable energy technologies and the abundant availability of green power.



The Nordics are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions and circular strategies in order to create sustainable materials.

digital transformation

Digital transformation

Nordic companies are focussing on digital maturity meaning that they think and act ‘’digital first’’ in everythin.  From customer interaction to the optimization of operational processes by using data-driven analytical tools.



With its promise of significant savings in staff costs, reduced repetitive work, and fewer errors and rework, robotic process automation is becoming increasingly common in all sorts of organizations in the Nordics.

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