Tag: Supply Chain Optimization

Mexico 2023


Organon is a pharmaceutical company primarily focused on women’s health and well-being, with a portfolio that includes contraceptives, fertility treatments, hormone replacement therapies, and medications

East Asia 2022


Japan is well-known for its affinity for seafood. Together with Skretting, a subsidiary company of Nutreco, IRP Delft conducted research to get a stronger position

The Netherlands 2020


ASML is an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry. They provide chipmakers with everything they need – hardware, software and services – to mass produce

Colombia 2017


Makro Colombia is a cash-and-carry wholesaler that sells high volumes of food and non-food products to professional retailers, the hospitality industry and other institutional customers.

Brazil 2015


Heineken is the largest brewer in Europe and one of the largest brewers in the world by volume. The IRP Delft team conducted an in-depth

Brazil 2015


Unilever is one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. Among its competitors it has the strongest presence in emerging economies where the Brazilian organization

Brazil 2015

Philips Healthcare

For one of the modalities of Philips Healthcare, IRP Delft performed an in-depth supply chain optimization. For this purpose the IRP Delft team followed the

Asia Pacific 2013


Philips, an international engineering and electronics corporation, is aiming to make innovation accessible for over 3 billion people around the world. To contribute to this