What others have to say


An inspired IRP team was of great assistance to us in preparing an entry into a new market. We are now building on the foundations they were able to lay down for us!

Jan Karel Mak

CEO of Deerns Group


Throughout both our in-house events and the coaching process, the students of IRP Delft have consistently impressed us with their ability to grasp complex issues and ask critical questions. What sets them apart is their sheer enthusiasm for diving into problems and delivering high-quality work, all while expressing a sincere commitment to driving positive change. Also, they make awesome colleagues! We recommend their services and value our partnership.

Mike Pesselse

Associate at Power2X | Coach of IRP 2023


The collaboration was efficient and incisive. The assignment was completed successfully, and critical questions were continuously asked from a broad perspective which made us reflect. Truly a valuable collaboration! Outside-in views are always interesting, and IRP’s professionalism and quality of work are first class!


International Research Projects Delft can help you develop your business, with studies ranging from supply chain optimization, market research to technical feasibility studies. IRP Delft has demonstrated an ability to identify market opportunities and to give a clear picture of the obstacles and procedures. I highly recommend the work of the talented students of IRP Delft.


Large scale energy projects do not only involve technical questions, but also have significant commercial and social implications. International Research Projects Delft and its energetic and enthusiastic students can help companies with all these aspects. At the same time, companies such as Shell can offer these students valuable business experience.


IRP Delft is a good and easy way of acquiring fresh thoughts and insights


The hosting of International Research Projects Delft creates a venue forcultural exchange wherein Dutch students are exposed to the corporate culture and capabilities of the Philippines while enterprises benefit from their insights on new ways to do business.

Board of recommendations T.H.J.J. van der Hagen
President of the Executive Board of the TU Delft

Prof.dr. Rob F. Mudde
Vice-Rector Magnificus TU Delft

Drs. MBA Nicoly Vermeulen
Vice-President for Education & Operations of the TU Delft

Prof. dr. ir. P.A. Wieringa
Vice-Rector TU Delft

Drs. D.J. van den Berg
Former President of the Executive Board of the TU Delft

Prof. dr. ir. A.H.M. Verkooijen
Professor of Power Engineering at Process & Energy Department

Ms. M. van Loon
President Director Shell Netherlands

Dr. P.A.M. Berdowski
CEO Royal Boskalis Westminster NV

Ir. E.P. Heerema
President Allseas Group S.A.

Ir. J.K. Mak
CEO Deerns Groep BV

J.H.A.S. Biesheuvel
Former Chairman Royal Society MKB-Nederland