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¡Hola a todos!

IRP’s 2023 summer destination is Mexico! A Spanish speaking country with an emerging economy, beautiful nature and culture and a market that offers plenty of opportunities to do fantastic and impactful projects across a wide range of sectors.

Mexico has a long history and over time has been inhabited by many different tribes; with the Mayans being the most famous of all. With a current population of over 129 million people, a huge market with a GDP of 1.076 trillion USD is established. With its leading position as the second-most cost-competitive manufacturing export nation in the world Mexico has been highly attractive for foreign investments the last decades.

Besides having an excellent economic climate for IRP 2023, Mexico is also a beautiful country to go to, with both culturally and naturally magnificent places. All of which there is plenty of opportunity to to explore on during weekends and at the end of the summer.

Hasta Luego!

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