East Asia

Technologically driven countries with exciting new opportunities

This year, IRP’s destination is  East Asia: Japan and South Korea! These countries are considered as being innovative, technologically advanced and experts in optimization. The wide variety of high-tech industries, in combination with global trends such as sustainability, offer great potential for IRP projects. Furthermore, The Netherlands maintains strong business ties with both countries. Finally, besides being a new destination for IRP, Japan and South Korea are safe countries in terms of healthcare and outbreak management regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though Japan and South Korea are developed countries, local culture in business and in general is unique and differs in many aspects from European standards. Courtesy, etiquette, and proper preparation are highly valued and business and social life are strongly intertwined. These differences, in combination with the high-tech industries, create a fruitful environment for the IRP team to gain a novel professional experience and add value during the summer of 2022. 

industry Trends in Japan and South Korea

digital transformation


Every existing industry is moving to a more digitalized one and new digital industries are emerging. Widely adopted technologies in these markets are artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the use of Internet of Things and many more. The service sector in both countries contribute a lot to the economies and are using smart techniques to innovate. Fintech, Medtech, FMCG are industries that greatly benefit from this digitalization trend.



As two of the technological giants of the world Japan and South Korea are frontrunners in the automation of processes. Robotic process automation and factory automation systems are widely used in their advanced automotive industry up to manufacturing, producing semiconductors, and even shipbuilding applications. With its benefits in increasing productivity, saving time and reducing costs, automation is a significant trend throughout multiple industries. 

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Japan and South Korea have high ambitions regarding sustainability. Exceeding targets set by the Paris Agreement and sourcing energy in a renewable manner, not possessing fossil resources being one of the drivers behind this. Also the development of efficient farming is booming, with the agritech industry growing and developing rapidly.

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